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Egyptian Love Poetry

Thou beautiful one! My heart's desire is To procure for you

your food as your husband, My arm resting upon your arm.

You have changed me by your love. Thus say I in my heart, In my soul, at my prayers:

"I lack my commander tonight, I am as one dwelling in a tomb."

Be you but in health and strength, Then the nearness of your countenance

Sheds delight, by reason of your well-being, Over a heart ,

which seeks you with longing.

Taken From a 3000 year Papyrus

She is one girl, there is no one like her.

She is more beautiful than any other.

Look, she is like a star goddess arising

at the beginning of a happy new year;

brilliantly white, bright skinned;

with beautiful eyes for looking,

with sweet lips for speaking;

she has not one phrase too many.

With a long neck and white breast,

her hair of genuinelapis lazuli;

her arm more brilliant than gold;

her fingers like lotus flowers,

with heavy buttocks and girt waist.

Her thighs offer her beauty,

with a brisk step she treads on ground.

She has captured my heart in her embrace.

She makes all men turn their necks

to look at her.

One looks at her passing by this one,

the unique one.